Dance: Hip Hop (Ages 16 through Adult) Fall 2021

Ages 16 through Adult
Cost: $45 - for all six classes
Days of Week: Wednesdays
Fall 2021: October 27 - December 8 (6 weeks)
(No class on November 24)
Times: 5:00-6:30pm
Location: Memorial Health Building Studio B
Instructor: Dr. Ayo Walker

This class meets for 1.5 hrs once a week for six weeks.
Class Description: Students will learn various forms of hip hop dance at a beginner’s level and explore a basic history of hip hop dance culture. This course includes party dances from the “old school” to the “new school” along with soul lines dances, breakin techniques, some house dances and waacking/voguing/posing elements. Each class is organized using the following progression: 1) the warm up includes conditioning exercises and a dance combination; 2) then Rennie Harris’ 8’s, where the party dances and/or hip hop dance techniques to be covered in each lesson are taught in a series of 8 counts facing down stage for 8 counts, stage left for 8 counts, up stage for 8 counts, stage right for 8 counts and finally back to down stage for 8 counts before moving on to the next party dance/technique to be covered; 3) “drills” across the floor consisting of breakin foundations—floor rocking techniques (baby swipe/2-step, 3-step, and the 6-step), and top rocking techniques (2-step, salsa/side step, skipping side step, march step, Indian step), drops (transitions to the floor), and freezes; 4) center practice—popping, locking, waving, tutting, etc.; and 5) finally students show their acquired skills in the cipher. Students also learn choreography that includes the techniques covered in each lesson and then create their own choreographic works as a culminating project.

What to wear: Sneakers that are NOT worn outside but only worn for the dance studio. And comfortable, non-restricting clothing, NO JEANS

**Ages outside this limit can be accepted with instructor's permission. Please contact the CSA office at or 931-221-7034 for more information.

Dr. Ayo Walker is an Assistant Professor in Theatre and Dance at Austin Peay State University where she continues to develop her academic research in the cultural biases inherent in the development of dance as an academic discipline in the U.S. and its ongoing peripheral inclusion of Black dance histories and all marked dance histories. As a Performance Studies practitioner with an emphasis in African American and African studies, her practice as research engages with the cultural racism that results in our society valuing different dance genres hierarchically. As an anti-racist educator utilizing culturally relevant and critical dance pedagogies, her pedagogy is committed to substantiating the techniques, vernaculars, and genealogies and embodiment of historically marginalized and othered dance aesthetics in higher education dance spaces. Specializing in Black dance aesthetics, her choreography and pedagogy is rooted in the “aesthetic of the cool” and the “get down” qualities evident in Africanist and Black dance aesthetics. Employing social justice choreography representative of anti-essentialist movement that is at once exposing and undoing stereotypical assumptions historically signifying the Black body politic, her works challenge what performing Blackness is and isn’t. Her works have been commissioned by the University of Massachusetts Amherst, PUSHfest, National Dance Education Organization (NDEO), Sacramento/Black Art of Dance (S/BAD), and Rhythmically Speaking, The Cohort 2020/21. When Ayo is not producing her own works with her project-based/pick up dance company, Ayo & Company, she collaborates/performs with Raissa Simpson’s San Francisco based PUSH Dance Company.

CSA Child Safety Policy:
Parents are asked to drop off and pick up their minor children (under age 18) in person at the classroom door. CSA instructors cannot allow minors to exit the building alone or to leave with a non-parent/guardian, unless the instructor has been notified in writing prior to class. If your child will be driving to class without an adult, please notify the instructor in writing. Thank you for your cooperation.

Covid-19 Guidelines: Instructor and students/parents must wear masks and social distance. APSU has reinstated a mask requirement for the campus’ indoor facilities. To learn more about APSU Covid-19 Guidelines:

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